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About Travis Nye

Building Connections

Performing has always been a passion of mine since the age of 14. In 2010 my family and I relocated to Sioux Falls,SD. and my passion became my career. Through networking I learned very quickly how to speak with other professionals, and how to connect with leaders in the midwest, and how to recognize their need to captivate their staff, as well as their client/customers. With 16 years of performing experience, not only do I provide an entertaining show, but leave my audience with so much more.

A Philosophy for the Future

Magic can be found in everything all around us. As a Magician the "tricks'" I use is only one of the instruments in my tool box. The real Magic is in the feeling you get when you experience something remarkable. This can be felt during a concert, theatre play, a movie, christmas morning, or something more personal like your wedding day. My job as a Magician is not to fool you, but to invoke the idea that 


Workshops and Keynotes

Combining entertainment with motivational speaking is very powerful. No longer will your audience dread another lecture, or presentation. This interactive presentation, is packed with comedy, dangerous stunts, magic, and of course a message. No matter the size, or age of the audience everyone will take something away from this presentation, and be talking about it long after it is over. 


Embrace the Future

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? The answer is different for everyone but the solution is always the same. You must believe you can achieve the impossible. Through discussion, and team building exercises we will find out what it takes to become Fearless.

The Real Connection

Are you or your staff passionate about your career? It's okay if you said no, It is very common to get burnt out and forget why you started down this path. Together we will discuss what you actually do , the impact it makes within your company/organization, and how you impact the community, and increase your own quality of life.

Your Full Potential

As a young child we are fearless. We are not afraid to climb or jump out of the tallest tree. We are born fearless. However when we fall and get hurt we learn what fear is. Fear becomes our safety net, our mechanism to keep us safe. Fear also keeps us from standing for what you believe in, speaking our true voice, and pushing the limits of what we are capable of. This becomes natural and we accept the fact there are some things we cannot do. Fear-Less is about realizing the risk is not greater than the reward.


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